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  • All Fiberglass Product Repair ♦ Restoration ♦ Custom Work ♦ Painting ♦ Detailing
  • Gelcoat Repair ♦ Winterizing ♦ Shrinkwrapping ♦ Refinishing and Waxing
  • Vinyl Graphics ♦ Custom Fabrication ♦ Collision Repair ♦ Transom Repair
  • String and Structural Repair ♦ Deck and Floor Rot Repair ♦ Semi/Tractor Trailers
  • Farm Equipment ♦ Hot Tubs ♦ Bath Tubs ♦ Pools ♦ Water Slides
  • Helicopter Parts ♦ Flooring ♦ Carpet Installation ♦ Upholstery Work

Since we are now celebrating more than 25 years experience along with Total Fiberglass Repair's 23d Anniversary with a couple thousand jobs under our belts we are proud to call ourselves experts in all fiberglass products. Our services are listed below. In case you don't see a service you require below, please feel free to contact us for a free estimate.

Custom Fabrication

We can help you with any custom fabrication project. From boats and PWCs to RVs, bikes, etc...

Cutom Gelcoat and Flooring

From warn keels to complete re-gelcoats.

Gelcoat Repair

Tired of that dull accent stripe? We can paint it using state of the art Dupont paint and it will shine like new for years.

Bottom Painting - New or existing. Epoxy coating to prevent blistering. Quality Interlux Systems used to meet your personal anti fouling needs.

Blister Repair and Prevention.

Collectables or for sentimental reasons. We can bring it back to like new condition.

Custom Vinyl Graphics - Boat Names and MC Numbers, etc...


Prices vary on the condition. Base price is $15.00 per foot. Service includes:

  • Wheel out using 1000 grit compound to remove oxidation and light scratches
  • Polish to a high gloss finish
  • Foiled up by a high speed application of Carnauba Wax to seal and protect for a long lasting shine